Understanding Search Engines

Understanding Search Engines, a search engine or crawler is a web-based program achieved on the internet to help users search for their queries on World Wide Sites. Search engines help users display the most appropriate results by adjusting the keywords that the user inputs. There are various search engines or crawlers.

One of them is Google. Google is one of the user-specific options as a search engine tool. Apart from Google, there are other search engines that are used by many users such as Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and others. Understanding Search Engines

Understanding Search Engines

Understanding Search Engines

Search Engines Function

The role of search engines The role of search engines has a role, namely a tool or tool that makes it easier for internet users to search for websites or websites related to questions (queries).

The search engine will search for the word or phrase placed by the user, then respond by giving a list of the best results with the user’s query. The results will appear in the form of links to web, images, videos, or other online data. This kind of way can be called crawling, the process of collecting data, or indexing.

How Search Engines Work

With several thousand pages of informative websites on the internet, how do crawler engines work to display related pages? The search engine itself consists of three stages. First, by crawling (crawling) several hundred billion web pages using sites (crawling sites) owned by search engine service supply companies. There are three processes for determining search results in search engines, namely crawling, indexing, and ranking. The following is a description of crawling, indexing, and ranking in search engines.


Crawling is key as a process that crawlers use software called crawl sites to get information available to users from the internet.

The way crawling works uses algorithmic numbers and conditions. The “spiders” will find sites by fetching web pages via existing links or discovering new ones.

The following algorithm is useful for getting various information from questions in the form of user-placed keywords. The content found is quite varied and can be in the form of web page patterns, images, videos, and PDFs.