Easy Way to View Laptop Specifications

Easy Way to View Laptop Specifications – how to easily view laptop specs? Here we have the easiest way to see and check the complete specifications of the laptop that you can try, guaranteed to work 100%!

Purpose of viewing Laptop Specifications

Knowing the complete specifications of a laptop is an important thing that must be done, especially for those of you who are planning to buy a new or used laptop. By checking first, it means that you will know the ability of the laptop’s technology to run certain programs and applications. It doesn’t take long, just see the steps here.

Easy Way to View Laptop Specifications

Easy Way to View Laptop Specifications

Via System

There are many ways to see laptop specifications that you can try, the first is via the system. Please note, the Home windows operating system itself actually provides an easy way to view and check laptop specifications directly from the system. In the following, we will explain how to easily view laptop specifications Easy Way to View Laptop Specifications.

First, right-click on the Begin Food selection icon.
Select the File Traveler option. Please note, on some laptops this option can also be accessed easily via the icon on the Taskbar.
On the screen on the right, please look for the This PC option. For old versions of Home windows, this option usually appears as Computer system.

Right click on the option.

Select the Residential or commercial homes option to start viewing the laptop specifications.
Unfortunately, this first method can only see the RAM, processor, and operating system version on the laptop.

Via DxDiag

Another alternative way to check laptop specs is easy and free is through the DxDiag device. This is a part of the Direct X programming interface. DxDiag itself has actually become a routine for players, because it can be used easily to check VGA laptop video PC gaming. But this method can also be used for all versions of Home windows.

First, on the keyboard, please press the Windows Home button and the “R” key simultaneously. That way you can go to the food selection Run command.
Type dxdiag in the command box provided.
Select it and click OK to run the diagnostic device.
Taraa… the full specifications of your laptop will be displayed on the screen.
Click the Display option to check the VGA on your laptop.


For the last method, it’s no less easy for you to try. HWiNFO itself is an application for checking laptop or PC specifications that is easy and free. No need to worry, the HWiNFO application is available for free on Msn and yahoo Play.

The HWiNFO application can not only be used to view laptop specifications, but can also monitor the condition of your device in real time. If your laptop is often used for various heavy needs, the HWiNFO application can detect problems with your laptop before it finally dies completely.

First, please download and install and install the HWiNFO application. You can find the application on Msn and yahoo Play.
If so, open the application and click the Run button.
Just ignore the Sensors-Only and Summary-Only options that appear on the right side of the screen.
On the main screen, you can check all the laptop components for information, from RAM, CPU, GPU, and Motherboard.
Click on the Sensing units button on the top right to monitor the condition of the laptop components in actual time.
That’s how to see laptop specifications that you can easily try yourself at home. Hopefully the information is useful and helpful.