Check out the All New Honda Vario 160 Update Series

Check out the all new honda vario 160 update series, astra Honda Electric motor (AHM) formally introduced the All New Honda Vario 160. He came with almost complete changes. Mainly currently he is bring a 160cc 4 shutoff improved Wise Power Plus (eSP+) engine which is similar to the PCX 160. It’s offered in 2 kinds, CBS which is cost Rp. 25.8 million and Rp. 28.5 million for the ABS variation. After that what about the information of various other features and updates offered by this mobility scooter? Check out the complete information.

Check out the All New Honda Vario 160 Update Series

Check out the All New Honda Vario 160 Update Series


All New Honda Vario 160 obtains the newest generation engine. Currently he is bring a 160 cc engine stuffed with 4 shutoffs, SOHC, fluid cooled down and improved Wise Power Plus (eSP +) technology. It can creating maximum power of up to 15.3 hp at 8,500 rpm with a top torque of 13.8 Nm at 7,000 rpm. Birthed x stroke dimension is currently 60 x 55.5 mm, formerly 57.3 x 57.9 mm. The compression proportion has also enhanced, the old model 10.6:1 is currently 12:1.

Check out the all new honda vario 160 update series When compared with the old model, the increase in power is quite considerable. Formerly 13 hp / 8,500 and torque just enhanced slightly, specifically from 13.4 Nm / 5,000 rpm. While the PCX 160 can spewing power of 16 hp at 8,500 rpm and 15 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm.


To support convenience, he uses the same frame technology as the Genio and the All New Scoopy. Specifically the application of the eSAF (improved Wise Architecture Frame) frame. Makes this stylish premium mobility scooter much more nimble and easy to own. But unlike its smaller sized brother or sister, the eSAF frame connected to the Vario 160 didn’t have a favorable effect on various other industries. The weight actually enhanced. Formerly 112 kg is currently 115 kg (CBS) and 117 kg (ABS). The quantity of fuel and baggage space under the seat has also stayed the same, specifically, at 5.5 litres and 18 litres.

Design and Dimension

The idea is still the like before, still bring a stylish design mobility scooter. Has firm design lines. Now he is no much longer slim. Some body panels are made to lump strong. Plainly noticeable on the front. Made such as a multilevel model. The front illumination system still depends on the Double Eager LED Front lights. Also equipped with a directional signal that no much longer squints down. Provided an obstacle with the draw of the headlamp cover line. Appearances hostile and stylish.

Changing to the front shield, the facility panel appearances a bit puffed up. While the tail uses a contemporary motif. The back body is full of a 3-dimensional (3D) symbol that reads Vario 160 (particularly for the ABS kind). The impression of elegance becomes also more powerful seen from the side.


For the highest variant, the Anti-lock Stopping System (ABS) is embedded. Automated back stopping equipped with discs. While the CBS kind is still such as the old model. After that there’s a USB battery charger kind A to charge the mobile phone without the need to use an extra adapter.


The events of the legs still depend on telescopic front and back suspensions using turn arms that are made the most of by a solitary shockbreaker. However, it’s thought to have the ability to dampen resonances and still feel comfy to wear also in harsh surface however.

While the wheel size is still similar, specifically 14 inches. Now use a new model of crossbar. The rounded skin is also currently wide-profile. Formerly, I used 80/90 and 100/80, currently it’s 100/80 (front) and 120/70 (back). Both tires are tubeless.


Currently the All New Vario 160 has 2 variations that are no much longer distinguished by red stripes and video. Currently split right into CBS and ABS. For the CBS kind, there are Energetic Black, Grande Matte Black, and Grande Matte Red shades. This unit is cost IDR 25.8 million.

When it comes to the ABS kind, there are Energetic Black, Grande Matte Black, and Grande White shades. This model has a 3D badge on the back body panel and charred titanium alloy wheels.