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The Decline Civilization 1.0 and the Rise of a New Cultural Model


The Right of the People to Alter or Abolish……

Social, economic and environmental matters here and abroad are not getting any better and they won’t get better until radical changes are wrought in the governmental, corporate and monetary-economic system realms.

The current economic system failure maybe our long awaited opportunity to reform the 5000 year old menace also known as Western Culture (WC). Western Culture and Western Civilization are used interchangeably in my writings.


Solutions Exist


Every technology needed to transform our polluting industrial system into an ecologically sensitive one exists. Better ideas on economics and governance alsoexist. Solutions to all of our ecosocio problems not only exist, but they abound!



The Obstacles to the  Solutions

The current political-corporate system does not want to change despite overwhelming evidence demanding they do so in order to avert irreversible damage to the planet.

We can be sure the Establishment will not course correct of its own accord. Why should they? They profit in ways unimaginable to most of us.  The political and corporate establishments are addicted to their unfathomable power and it is up to us help them out of their rut! We are the intervention


Solution to the Obstacles

Concerted public effort is the only force great enough to intervene in the affairs of our irresponsible and corrupt government-corporate alliance (Govcorp).

“I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion.”

– Thomas Jefferson principle author of the Declaration of Independence and 3rd President of the United States.

The people who founded the United States of America had an ideal. They provided us with a blueprint for balanced governance and they recognized it to be the peoples right to disband and/or reform their government when those in power have failed to do their duty.



…that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and institute new government,…

– Excerpt from the US Declaration of Independence

The statesmen responsible for the birth and constitution of the United States recognized the tendency of power to corrupt and/or of corrupt men to seek great power. Whatever the case they had a solution to deal with corrupt and inept government.

It is up to us. It always has been and the time to act is now. The writing in on the wall of the Library of Congress….

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own Governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

– James Madison [Inscription on the Library of Congress]

The solutions to our problems were prescribed for us by those capable of being the leaders of a new form of government that hoped to end 5000 years of tyrannical rule.  But to our great misfortune the government of the United States was hijacked years ago by the worst sort of men and we are now witness to how infested our government has become with destructive and corrupt men.

Model Exhaustion: No Place to Run or Hide

All social, economic and environmental indicators point to model exhaustion. Any and all systems be they natural or artificial have a beginning, a life span, a demise and a regeneration. Demise is an inescapable fact of existence for cultural systems as well. Nobody wants to die and neither do cultural models.

Model exhaustion is attributed to a cultural system when it has reached a critical stage in the following aspects.

  • Functional obsolescence
  • Unsustainable inefficiency
  • Discordant components.
  • Component degradation

Model exhaustion can be seen in all aspects of Western civilization and on the effects it has on society and the environment.


The Affected and Affecting Components of the Western Cultural Model 


Affected Components

  • Socio-Cultural Impact of WC
  • Environmental Impact WC 

Affecting Components

  • Govcorp Abuse and Corruption
  • Parasitic Economics
  • Polluting and Destructive Technologies


Model exhaustion is characterized by a volatile and hyper-dynamic state of rapid functional decline.

The characterization of model exhaustion is clearly evident in the rapid and dramatic decent of our economic system. In response to its decline we have witnessed rash, unjust and desperate crisis mediating measures to keep the current economic system from grinding to a halt. The Implication is that Western financial system would have crashed and burned had the US Government not intervened in the fashion it did.

America Meet Your Frankenbaby

The most recent and glaring example of parasitic economics is the tax payer burden of banker and car maker business mismanagement.  The business mis-managers get rewarded with a 258,449% return on investment (political frankenbabylobbying & campaign contributions) or hundreds of billions of dollars and the taxpayers get TARPED with trillion dollar debts. Not to mention the lavish bonus’s the Wall Street executives responsible for the fiasco gave themselves.

The decline has set in motion desperate measures to revive the defunct capitalist system. Capitalism is on life support consisting of “injections of capital” known as “quantitative easing” or printing money out of thin air.  In other words your tax burden and of those for generations to come.

System demise is quickly followed by a regenerative phase where the system in question is either patched up or reformulated from top to bottom.

The owners of the current economic system, the capitalists, don’t want see their profitable Frankenstein die. Therefore, they will insist on life support even though Frankenbaby has been proven to be inefficient, unsustainable, unjust and toxic to.

As with all toxic waste– it is dumped on those least aware. In our case the American mainstream public.

The American  mainstream public relies on the news they get from the same system responsible for the social, economic and ecological disasters they report. The news is therefore constructed in way such a way as to deflect responsibility and to pacify the potentially rebellious public. The Establishment has dealt with similar situations in the past and they have managed to fight for yet another business cycle.

Various indicators suggest that the current failure may be catastrophic enough to even get the American public involved. Let’s make it so. Crisis is unpleasant, but Civilization as we know it is a socially and ecologically intolerable model of cultural processes and its final consequences if successful in regenerating under it own auspices one more time would be spectacularly disastrous for all concerned.

The Regenerative Phase

The regenerative phase will be our opportunity to demand a reformulation of not only the economic system, but of the governmental and corporate systems as well. That Western culture is in need of a whole systems overhaul is unarguable. The question is—what are our choices and how will this change come about?

To read part 2 please see We are Done with Civilization 1.0 ! A Planetary Culture is What Comes Next !


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Nov 17, 2009 10:11

As always I am impressed with the clear and direct message.

thank you.
Jul 24, 2010 9:38

Emergent Culture – The Decline and Regeneration of Western Civilization?…

Making Sense of the Human & Planetary Condition: Demystifying the Past, Unraveling the Present & Anticipating the Future…

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