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A Citizens Assembly: From Occupy Movement to a Permanent Political Force

 “In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try
and change the problematic model.
You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller

We well know that our systems of governance are problematic to put it mildly and if we follow Fuller’s advice then we ought to create another model to make our existing system obsolete.

I am not sure how much more Fuller had to say about the matter or what he was referring to specifically when he said or wrote that statement. But in this article I will apply it in relation our plight with a thoroughly corrupt political system.

The Occupy Movement is still a minority movement, despite its growing popularity. Though it seems to be composed of people who are thinking and dreaming big. Occupy participants are brimming with hope in action and they have placed that hope not in some man or woman, but in themselves as a collective with a just and common cause.

They seem determined to change not only their own broken institutions, but they are also looking to band with Occupy Movements from other countries in the hope of creating a better world for all concerned.

But how do we go about changing our monolithic and seemingly all powerful institutions? They have mountains of money, they make the laws to suit their aims and they command military-police forces.  We are learning that we, the 99 percent, are still much bigger and even more powerful than the Establishment.

But to achieve our goals we need more than greater numbers and raw power—-we need organization. Every complex agency has an organizational system that enables it to accomplish its goals. The Occupy Movement will need to evolve from rag tag protest movement to a permanent political force in order to achieve its goals. The Occupy Movement could very well be the seedling of the exo-establishment structure (Citizens Assembly) we need to replace our pathetic government. Let us please come together to make it so. Any bright future for all concerned will depend on it. Make no mistake about it our generation will decide either the legacy or the tragedy of humankind.

“I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers
of the society but the people themselves;
and if we think them not enlightened enough to
exercise their control with a wholesome discretion,
the remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion.”

– Thomas Jefferson
principle author of the Declaration of Independence and
3rd President of the United States.

Jefferson was addressing the founding members of the United States when he made that statement.  In their time only the wealthiest members of society where educated and they alone filled the ranks of the new congress.  “We the People” may have been a platitude for the voting masses of his day. We don’t know how sincere his statement was when he said “if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion.”

If that principle had been acted upon then we would not find ourselves in the current predicament.  For government as we know it can only exist by misinforming the people about its activities and the issues of the day.

The people who founded the United States of America had an ideal. They provided us with a blueprint for balanced governance and they recognized it to be the people’s right to disband and/or reform their government when those in power have failed to do their duty.

…that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends,
it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and institute new government,…

– Excerpt from the US Declaration of Independence

There is no question that the US government has become destructive not only to the founding principles set forth by the US constitution, but has now become the world’s greatest menace.  We have no other alternative, but to alter or abolish our government and institute a new one.



The Occupy Movement has coalesced into a vigorous and promising widespread social movement that seems to be gathering more support every day and that is very heartening indeed.

However, we need more than a movement of protestors and both labels must evolve into something permanent and respectable. I have argued the case for the creation of a Citizens Assembly that operates outside the current political system.

The current political system is far too entrenched in its rotten ways to think that we can simply vote better politicians into office. My complete case for the creation of a Citizens Assembly as the only way out our collective nightmare is presented in A Movement to Unite All Good Will Movements: The Occupy Movement Anticipated. Our collective problems can only be addressed collectively.



We need a political system that is not dominated by huge sums of money nor subject to rampant corruption. A system that accounts for the needs of the many in conjunction with the needs of the planet’s ecological balance. The General Assemblies found at the heart of each Occupy encampment resemble the idea of Citizens Assembly.

The key democratic tenets of consensus and direct democracy are indeed found at the heart of the General Assemblies guiding principles and that is in line with the kinds of practices needed to insure a genuine democratic process. So we have a vigorous movement with the right set of guiding principles—now what? The question is how does the Occupy Movement become effective in its goals to create the kinds of changes we need to successfully address the issues of the day and near future?



Let’s look to the American Revolution for clues to the elements of a successful revolution and of how to organize a permanent political body.

The first ingredient is dissatisfaction to the point of open rebellion against the current system of governance. The Occupy Movement has signaled that open rebellion is fast becoming the norm. The American Revolutionaries then drafted a constitution.

The Occupy Movement must now draft it own constitution using the crowd sourced method that Iceland recently used to create theirs. Once we have a popularly ratified constitution in place we can then create a list of the changes we want the U.S. Government to enact.

The people can then vote on what the priorities should be. We can’t throw the whole kitchen sink at them at once and expect them to act.  We start with priority number one and do what it takes to get priority one addressed and so on down the list.



The governments of yesteryear established their authority by virtue of sheer force. We, however, in order to form a still more perfect union will use non-violent means to achieve our goals and establish the people’s will as the authority of the land.

Since we will not be holding guns to anybodies head, what then will we do to enforce the People’s will or do you think that Govcorp will simply roll over and obey our demands because they have seen the light?

Govcorp is bound and determined to keep their power and way of life fully intact. Our only option is civil disobedience on scale big enough to compel change. Occupying a public space is more of a nuisance to Govcorp than anything else.

The occupy aspect of the Occupy Movement is good for obtaining media coverage, movement catalyzation and as a demonstration of social solidarity, but we need action in the form of government, economic and monetary law reforms.

In order to oblige Governments to enact our demands we must be able to bring the machine to a standstill and to hit them where it hurts. General strikes and mass boycotts are tried and tested methods for obliging change. Gandhi kicked the British Empire out of India using non violence, civil disobedience and non-cooperation tactics, and without the use of twitter to boot. How much better armed are we to purge the gunk out of our system?



Given the critical state of certain societies and eco-systems we need certain measures in place sooner than later. General strikes and boycotts will serve us in the short term, but our long term goals should be to supplant the two party system with a direct democracy system via internet voting. The interim between now and our long term objectives will involve that we fill the ranks of government with sane and honorable people or real public servants who have been screened for socio-psychopathic tendencies.

Governments fulfill many valid social services that will need to continue operating, but to do the work of internal house cleaning we need a third political party- a People’s Party. A political party that will eventually extinguish the wastefulness of partisan politics. A house divided will not stand and that is one reason the current system has failed us. Both parties are essentially two sides of the same coin employing more or less the same tactics.

The main difference is that one party is more openly vulgar than the other. The two party system can be compared to a big time wrestling match in which the outcome has already been decided. Both parties know what is possible and who is going to win. Their prime time charade is designed to give us good show, and to make it look as if a real struggle were going on.



There are two well organized non-governmental bodies that could and should be of help. They are the World Social Forum and the World Assembly. In particular the World Assembly may have useful methods already designed and in place to help expedite the needed organizational elements. The World Social Forum has the right idea, but it must be transformed into a political force to be of any use. Talks and round tables are great, but we need action now. There are US sponsored wars in at least 6 countries with rumors of war with Iran and Syria. The beast is wounded and it needs warfare to continue sustaining itself.



  • End the Wars
  • Eliminate DARPA
  • Stop the Drug Wars
  • Nationalize the Federal Reserve or abolish it to allow the US Government to print and issue its own interest free money.
  • No More Bailouts
  • Begin redirecting War Complex monies toward needed social services such as;
    • Education,
    • Job creation-training,
    • Health Insurance-Services
    • Public infrastructure
    • Environmental Restoration-Conservation
  • Repeal Citizens United Ruling
  • Reinact Glass-Steagall Act  and other legislation to begin curbing Wall Street corruption.
  • End subsidies to corporations.
  • Halt high risk fossil fuel extraction.
  • Further empower and restore the EPA’s true purpose.
  • Offer no interest loans to the critical industries we truly need, such as alternative energy and green technologies
  • Debt forgiveness for all students, other hardship sectors of society and the socially relevant economy.
  • All candidates for public office/service must pass a test that screens for socio-psychopathic tendencies.
  • Reduce interest rates to 0 on the most socially relevant sectors of the economy, except those part of the Petro-Chemical-Banking-Media-Military-Security-Government Complex.
  • Eliminate corporate tax loop holes.
  • Decrimiminalize drugs with proven medical application, Marijuana, LSD, Psylocibin and MDMA
  • Eliminate the Patriot Act
  • Halt all Domestic Surveillance-Security Complex Projects
  • Adopt an evidence based policy for all programs and projects.
  • A gender balance provision so that governing agencies are equally composed of both genders.

The entirety of this proposal is in line with the swords to plowshares meme and my arguments in support of what I have presented here are found in A Movement to Unite All Good Will Movements.

There are many more things we need to redress, modify, include and exclude, but I believe that my proposed deals with the most important issues of the day and near future.



In order to keep attracting more members of the mainstream the movement it will need to become a respectable, organized and sound organization that is worthy of leadership. Our grievances are just and we have all the evidence needed to condemn all governments into oblivion, but we must appear as more than have-nots and disgruntled unemployed workers asking for handouts.

The core people of the Occupy Movement represent societies most progressive and pro-active elements. They are informed about the issues of the day and they don’t buy the Government’s narrative. They have many things in common and so finding consensus amongst themselves has not been a difficult task. The challenge will be to convince others that foundation of a better world lies with a Citizens Assembly.

There is a job for everybody and outreach is something anybody can and should do. We need as much popular support as we can gather. In other words please adopt a proactive approach to outreach since it’s one of the easiest and most important aspects to the movement’s continuing success.



The Occupy Movement is the sprout of a much larger movement (Planetary Culture) to stop the rape, pillage and injustice that characterizes present day Western styled representative democracy, aka the Current World System or CWS. We must acknowledge that radical change, massive collaboration and civil disobedience are the only means we have to alter the horrific policies of the CWS and avert looming disasters.

We have something to build on and I encourage all of you to support and share with others what is happening and why. Events will continue to intensify as the CWS goes into its death throes. The CWS is on life support as it stands and it will need to take even more drastic measures to continue on life support.

Life support for the CWS means death, destruction and suffering for the rest of us.  The measures it plans to take will bring greater awareness from the mainstream, but Govcorp will frame the narrative to suggest it has “the solutions” and nothing could be further from the truth.

We have but two choices, one is to go about our business as usual thus helping to maintain the status quo that has brought cataclysmic death, destruction and suffering upon the planet and humanity in countless ways.

The alternative is to become part of the growing Occupy Movement to help create and support new econo-political models capable of addressing the horrendous situations created by the Current World System.

If you agree with the basic premise of my proposal, I then ask that you pass this on to others. It would be especially helpful if you would submit the proposal to the various general assemblies.

I thank you all in advance for your participation.

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Al Broadman
Nov 8, 2011 23:59

I am impressed Rohaan Solare.

You have written about an entire concept that I have been talking about to my friends for years now.

I tend to agree with you on almost every point but there are a couple I have some concerns about.

Eliminating DARPA would be a bad idea. Every nation needs a strong defensive capability and some of our best brain power is located in that scientific institution. I would agree if some of its capabilities were diverted to civilian uses and certain military technologies known to be socially progressive were released to the public for production.

I feel the same way about the other security agencies we have in this nation. They serve a purpose, however they have been misused by the current political structure for decades now. There are some good people in there who care about their fellow man…use them.

I’m all for true alternative / progressive / green movements however many such movements are simply a scam to hand power over from one group to another. We need to be careful what power we give to environmental agencies and do a LOT more research on exactly what impact mankind is having on the planet and how we can retain our advanced technological societies as well as beautify the planet once more. Having escaped from one set of lords and kings, I would not be pleased to find another set trying to shove a bunch of crap down my throat.

I also have a slight issue with the name…The People’s Congress.

Many people are going to associate this with some type of communism because of the terms past history in other movements and this could be an issue. I think we already have decent governmental structures, what we need to expand the constitution to include things our forefathers did not think of at the time. The 2nd and 3rd bill of rights created in the twenty century are a good place to start.

Good read here. What are you planning on doing with all these ideas you have written about here? Feel free to contact me through my website if you want to continue this discussion.

David E. Montero
Nov 9, 2011 2:23


Rohaan Solare
Nov 9, 2011 9:30

@ Al Greetings and thank you ! I want to preface my reply by saying that my proposal is intended to be a big picture schematic. There are many details to work out, but the general idea is clear. You say that every nation “needs a strong defensive capability”. That is true, but only because we live in a world where the people have been hoodwinked into participating in state violence. Violence that is done on behalf of big time economic interests.

I am projecting a trend where the people of the world will eventually demand multilateral disarmament. We will abolish war at some point. Until such a point the only thing we need is enough defensive capability to deter aggression from other imperialist powers. We already have that. Spending money on military technology because it sometimes has a useful civilian application is not a strong argument. Why not determine what we need on the common front and start from there. DARPA is waste of resources that could be spent elsewhere. We have enough killing technology as it is. It’s time to demilitarize the planet and invest our resources on real problem solving. Militarism is not designed to solve social problems. It is the root of social problems.

You state “I’m all for true alternative / progressive / green movements however many such movements are simply a scam to hand power over from one group to another.
The guiding principles of a justly structured constitution would counter the misuse and concentration of power. Representative democracies don’t work. As we have seen representatives are for sale. Direct democracy is the only true democracy.

You state “We need to be careful what power we give to environmental agencies and do a LOT more research on exactly what impact mankind is having on the planet and how we can retain our advanced technological societies as well as beautify the planet once more”. I am all for evidence based policy. Independent agencies would be put in place to review study findings to inform the public’s discretion on the issues of the day.

You state; “I also have a slight issue with the name…The People’s Congress.” Yes, that could be a problem. I chose that name because it needs very little explication as to its meaning. It’s a political entity for and by the people in the most literal of terms. But that is something we could vote on. There could be a better name. And I am by no means proposing communism. Our political system is owned by special interests. We need to prevent that from happening. My proposal is designed to shift the modus operandi of governing agencies from special interests to what is best for the commons. You finish by asking “what I am planning to do with my writings”. I am sharing and adding to the conversation and it seems that that you are too. My proposal along with others should be discussed by the General Assemblies of each occupy encampment, as well as by other common good organizations. And that means that it needs to be disseminated so that’s what I’ll be doing. Thanks again for your kind consideration and comments.

Nov 9, 2011 14:40

Hi Rohaan.. As I read this, the nagging voice in my head says..human nature. No form of government will keep our fellow men from greed, corruption & violence. Perhaps only evolution will overcome those tendencies..or not. That being said, I think the pendulum is set to swing..the American Revolution needs to continue..A representative form of government was a step up from monarchy,but was carefully constructed to avoid what you suggest: Direct Democracy.

The outcome of a revolution is never certain..blood-letting followed by wars of world domination (French), murderous totalitarianism (Russian)? There I agree w/ Al “Peoples Congress” gives me the creeps. That being said, I think we have to try..& your blueprint is the best I’ve seen.

Rohaan Solare
Nov 9, 2011 15:31

Hello Cindy Yes, human nature can be tricky terrain, so we build the requisite checks and balances into our leadership agencies. We’ve learned a lot about human nature since 1776 and its time to apply that knowledge to our guiding principles. Thanks for adding to the conversation !

Nov 9, 2011 16:11

Rohaan… great post… can I ask what you thoughts are on The Venus Project as a long term solution? Everyone I explain it to wants it, all youtube videos seem to have a great positive response… I know Zeitgeist Movement are trying to promote it in some Occupy camps as well.

Rohaan Solare
Nov 9, 2011 16:37

@ Erik Ah yes the Venus project. As a designer/architect myself I feel that the Venus project is over engineered and too mechanical/rigid in design. Certainly it has aspects that are of value, but there are many impractical and unrealistic aspects to it as well. Everything will be up for evaluation and a vote if everything proceeds accordingly.

Nov 10, 2011 4:41

Nov 11, 2011 3:55


Bless. After reading your post, I feel a little less cynical. It’s cool to know others are out there, feeling and thinking the same way.

Rohaan Solare
Nov 11, 2011 8:20

@DJO2is The members of Earth’s new culture are coming together in the hopes of creating a better world! That is something to cheer about indeed !

Nov 11, 2011 8:24

You can count me among them. I truly was losing hope that this would begin. I want to get involved as much as possible…

Attn: All General Assemblies: A Proposal to Turn the Occupy Movement into a Permanent Political Force - Occupy Oakland
Nov 16, 2011 16:33

[…] There are many more things we need to redress, modify, include and exclude, but I believe that my proposed deals with the most important issues of the day and near future…[continue reading] […]

Nov 21, 2011 12:13

While I agree with most of your arguement, I think that nearing the end it becomes obvious that much of what you’re writing is steeped in personal opinon. Getting rid of bailouts but giving 0 intrest loans to renewelable energy companies? How about equal intrest loans for all businesses of any particular sector? Decriminalizing Molly and LSD? Really?

While perhaps not the most addiciting of the bunch, still more harmful than helpful long term, though I’m in favor of decriminalized (but not legalizing) pot. Another favorite of mine that you list is reducing intrest rates to 0 on the “most socially realevant” sectors of the economy.firstly talk about pseudo-communist language? But more importantly you go on to list what you think deserves not to get such a break. Quite a bit of bias here. I could go on but I won’t. I’m all for direct democracy, though I’m also for an expansion of representative democracy.

I think it is time for the government to get back to representing the people, but I don’t think having EVERY SINGLE PERSON involved in politics is a good idea. Also I think internet voting is one of the dumbest propositions I’ve ever heard. Unless you plan on funding a nationwide free internet and computer policy. And then somehow making it unhackable (good luck with that). Things I liked though: repeal the patriot act, gender equality in politics,ending unneeded wars, diverting war money to social causes. I’m sure you’ll be back to reply (seems you quite good about that from the above) look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Rohaan Solare
Nov 21, 2011 12:40

@ Mitch… Greetings, The article is intended to function as a big picture schematic. There are many details and refinements to work out. You pointed out some. We could debate the medical and social value of the drugs I recommend for decriminalization.

If the government has trillions to spend on warfare for the sake of capitalism then it sure as hell has enough funds to create a fool proof internet voting system. Look at your own argument it wasn’t based on anything but cost. And if anything is worth the cost it’s a better system of governance.

Please note that one of the guiding principles for the “new governance” would be that all projects and programs be “evidence based”. The key to minimizing waste, preventing corruption and abuse of power lies in the design of our political organizations. We are working to design a better system for all concerned.

Al Broadman
Nov 21, 2011 14:53


“Another favorite of mine that you list is reducing intrest rates to 0 on the “most socially realevant” sectors of the economy.firstly talk about pseudo-communist language?”

I am sick to death of every time someone suggests that our government actually perform its mandate to “Promote the general welfare” is to suggest communism.

Read this page – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Welfare_clause – on the General Welfare Clause section of Wikipedia and tell me that reducing interest rates to zero for businesses that provide a need that everyone has whether they have the money to engage in cutthroat capitalism or not?

Considering that our nation could take back its right to manage currency, at that point interest could rightfully be called a tax. A very regressive tax as well because it really serves no purpose other that to create money out of thin air. Yes you read that right. Interest serves no purpose. Those who charge interest are little more than parasites upon the back on the economy.

Concerning a national internet, we almost have that already. Having the government subsidize the complete coverage of the entire nation where private business can or will not as well as subsidize the access of said internet for use by those Americans who are economically disadvantages is well within the powers given our government on a federal or state level or both. The creation of an unhackable manner of handling voting is a different story though not technologically unfeasible. If man can create a bomb that could can literally destroy everything in a 20 mile radius I am sure he can create a way for everyone to participate in his democracy.

Yea I can understand your position on the heavy drugs. Not sure I’d want a bunch of trippers out and about flying down the interstate at 80 miles an hour during rush hour. But I do agree with your position on pot because the only thing a pothead every threatened was a full fridge.

“Those with the most in this nation should have the very same effect on our political system as those with the least; One Vote!” – Al Broadman

Nov 21, 2011 17:47

@ rohann, you argue that the cost of changing the voting system could be counter balanced by reducing defense spending, however I simply argue that our means of voting is hardly a top priority. That current means is fair and efficent (minus the representation process you clearly despise). Also I am curious as to how you plan to have organization without leadership? The concept of direct democracy is great, however due to its leaderless ideals, practicing it on a national (or as you suggest, international) level, specifically in a non violent manner seems like a rather lofty goal. As for your position on the decriminalization of hard drugs, id love to hear your arguement that Molly is used more often for medical benefits than for detrimental recreational use, because its simply false. I was trying to be polite but simply put, that is an outright bad idea. You also argue that some of your more opiniated points can be governed by “all programs being evidence based.” The problem with that is that once an initial program gets started going through the legal means of scrapping it is a long process that is sure to piss a lot of people on either side of the issue off. @ Al, you make very valid points, and I agree the government Should subsidize the internet. Making sure everyone has fair access and ability to use a computer is a different story, as I think the digital divide is larger than you or I can appreciate from behind a keyboard. Also making things unhackable is something even the FBI AND CIA have failed at, so I have very little faith in that (thank wikiLeaks and Anon for exposing them). Everyones vote should carry equal power. Fuck the electoral college haha

Rohaan Solare
Nov 22, 2011 9:40

@ Mitch and Al Seems that we are quibbling about the minor points. Interest is indeed a parasitic function. Let the government print its own interest free money. My proposal suggests a staged or phased approach. We can’t turn the Titanic around on a dime. Both of you seem to take a bigger issue with the drug proposal. Alcohol kills and damages tens of thousands every year. The drugs I mention may kill 0 to 5 people a year. Abusing any drug leads to problems. The problem is not the drugs, but rather the addictive personality. Certain bad drugs such a cocaine and meth do have a very high addiction potential. The drugs I mention are capable of curing addictive behaviors. MDMA was used in therapeutic settings with astounding results before it was made illegal. Please see Ecstasy: The Complete Guide by Julie Holland, M.D. Every single drug I mentioned has been proven to possess exceptional medical properties. They are better than any other available drug for treating and curing PSTD, depression, emotional-personality disorders and substance abuse.

Nov 22, 2011 11:18

@rohann these drugs have also been proven to eat away chunks of the brain, and while yes tripping out may remove some of the effects of PTSD or depression its because the person is living in a delusion, which reduces their ability to function within society. Also molly as a cure to substance abuse is laughable. To prevent herion use you roll instead? I mean argue however you want that one is better than the other, however at the end of the day the only drug that’s ever been proven to have medical properties that also doesn’t produce drastic addicition and or side effects (such as longer lasting depression from coming back to reality, or the ever dreaded perma-trip) is weed. That also includes alcohol. Also the drugs you mention kill less people because less people do them. Almost everyone in America has some expirence with booze, hardly the case for ex, acid or molly. While these are less addicting substances, there still is a level of addiction that comes with them and the b ehaviors that these drugs can illict in an average human being are borderline paranormal, and hardly medical. Long story short, every drug has medical capabilities, nearly every substance on the planet does. That doesn’t mean we oughta make them legal.

Rohaan Solare
Nov 22, 2011 17:28

@ Mitch We’ve gone way off topic with an exceedingly minor detail given the nature of the article we are commenting on. Let me just conclude this thread by saying that your information on the drugs in question is about 40 years out of date and just plain wrong. If you want to bring your data banks up to date please review MAPS or Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. MAPS is a cutting edge US based institution on the medical application of every drug we’ve discussed and others we haven’t touched on but illegal as well. There you will find reams of clinical studies in support of my position.

Nov 29, 2011 8:04

Dec 2, 2011 13:37

Hello Rohaan! I am glade that many people feel that a global change is necessary. Allow I to suggest a name for the movement; The 99%-s Democracy. Demos=people Kratic=rull/govern from Greek. It is an old word misused by several governments. I experienced Communism and Capitalism,a revolution.I saw people unite and fight, then hungry sharks took over the government in the name of democracy. Communism collapsed in most countries, Capitalism is on the edge of collapsing is old did not evolve with the modern society. Capitalism=head,money,power=the 1% who made its money in partnership with us the 99% but they consider us as servants or slaves. Anew fare system must evolve what serves honest hardworking patriots, children, elderly and all classes of our society. It is a difficult process but united we can overcome many obstacles.To avoid chaos, we carefully have to prepare a detailed plan with the involvement of multilaterally educated people: social, political,economical, technological , cultural, environmentalists, businessmen, professors, scientists and the physical workers. A leader is essential, who is passionate, patriot, honest, has good education in social, political studies,economics.Puts the society”s needs first, able to earn people”s trust, gets informed first hand, able to surround himself with capable individuals and govern together in harmony. The leader and the governing body must be chosen based on competency criteria by passing different tests to get well trained and honest people in government. Elections are costly and is more and more a shared you are uncertain if you get the right individuals to administrate a country.

Rohaan Solare
Dec 3, 2011 8:05

@ Iboyla We are on the same page. Many of us know that we must upgrade humanity’s operating system, We are working on it on many fronts. The only part of your comment that question is the part of a leader. I believe more in a leadership council or roundtable.

Dec 3, 2011 16:05

Hello Rohaan!! You must know that a system change is not easy and you need a strong leader and followers too. If that is not in place, the higher-ups will disregard the movement. About legalizing narcotics I agree with you it will ruin the drug trafficking .

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Dec 18, 2011 17:24

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Trish Scott
Dec 20, 2011 13:36

I hope you will all take a look at the new Justice Party. I don’t work for it except in getting the word out as best I can. I think it’s a start in the right direction. “A new political party has entered the fray as an alternative to Democrats and Republicans ahead of the 2012 elections. On Monday, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson announced he will run for president with the newly formed Justice Party.” More here; http://www.democracynow.org/2011/12/13/ex_salt_lake_mayor_rocky_anderson#.Tu5qdtZlzRo.twitter

Rohaan Solare
Dec 20, 2011 14:28

Hello Trish, Thanks for sharing. I can only continue emphasizing the need to create a coalition of the so called 99%. Independent movements are woefully inadequate to take on the juggernaut. Whether its OWS or the Justice party the key is to band together. Whatever it is it’s a work in progress. The overarching meme is alliance… let’s keep sounding it!

C.R. Sheehan
Jan 3, 2012 13:54

EVERYTHING YOU ARE DISCUSSING EXPLAINED. 2012 IS JUST OUR BEGINNING: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KATUEoenY8&context=C30a5d63ADOEgsToPDskL1lazzy0QzTIPYHvJxE7Ow

Polish politics
Jan 5, 2012 5:44

Polish politics…

[…]Emergent Culture – A People’s Congress: From Occupy Movement to a Permanent Political Force[…]…

Alex Miller
Jan 26, 2012 23:15

This sounds very interesting and I’d be ready to take part in this process right away. This is needed for the good of this planet and our future generations. It will be key that we continue to grow awareness and support for this cause.

Rohaan Solare
Jan 27, 2012 12:05

Alex, Thank you for your comment ! Yes we must plant the seeds and nurture the seedlings where we can.

Linda a/k/a DebtTrut
Feb 12, 2012 20:07

I think Occupy Wall Street has, itself, expressed resistance to changing into a “more structured/organized” format. Perhaps Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movements in general would be MORE WILLING to discuss adding an “additional layer” to their existing format, i.e., like “another ring around a ringed planet which has its own structure and boundaries but is attached to the “one inside it.” From what I’ve heard of Occupy Wall Street, they are doing exactly what they think they should be doing. They don’t WANT any type of more “rigid scaffolding or “hardened behavioral pathways” to bind their creative and innovative evolving “moves.”

I can’t see them agreeing that “they must mature/change,” other than thay perhaps they don’t have to live in tented encampments in order to be successful. I think they would more likely take to the idea of a “brother/sister organization whose function was to take on aspects of the “fight” OTHER THAN Civil Disobediance. I think Occupy Wall Street sees its mission as the carrying on of Civil Disobediance — in order to CONSTANTLY keep the “established ‘ORDER” informed that they are, frankly, losing their grip and it’s not coming back. Sincerely, Linda a/k/a DebtTrut

Rohaan Solare
Feb 13, 2012 20:00

@Linda It is far too early too say much about what the occupy movement is going to morph into or not. It’s like asking a baby what it wants to be when it grows up when it can’t even understand a word you’re saying. I am offering a suggested pathway based on what it takes to get things done and that is organization. That is what they have now with their General Assemblies. The question is will the movement strive for greater goals. One cannot escape organization. You needlessly label it as “rigid scaffolding and or hardened behavorial pathways”. That’s what things may evolve into if one does not account for measures to rejuvenate a system once in a while.

Do you think we would have career politicians if they where allowed only one term? Do you think corporations would be calling the shots if political contributions from them were not allowed? It’s all in the design of the organization. Civil disobedience is but a tactic to get their attention and annoy them. We need more that bones thrown at us. Please look beyond your neighborhood and recognize that our so called democratic systems of governance are a menace to every living thing as they exist. We need serious reform at every level. And civil disobedience alone is not going to achieve what is needed. It took structure (constitution) to get us to this point it will take some sort structure to take us to the next evolutionary step if there is to be one.

Beth De Voe
Mar 4, 2012 21:54

I applaud your work. Thank you for your contributions to this conversation. I want to see the Occupy movement succeed but I have my doubts. The intentions and actions of those showing up for events is inspiring. There are many at home who want them to succeed but are not called to action….yet. Our forefathers were called to action. If we look at the political climate at the time though, the privileged white men who were called to action had much financial gain to be made as well as glory. Close to half the citizenry did not want to lose their status as British citizens. We can not forget our history, lest we suffer it again. When people in the movement talk about rights be taken away, I do not agree. They were given. Almost freely and gladly. It is so very hard to change another’s behavior or get them to give up what they have. It is easier to change ourselves. Is the movement encouraging the %99 to put down their Star Bucks and remote controls and pick up books and shovels? Does the movement speak the ugly truth that people need to pay their bills before they go shopping? Every day millions of immigrants put generational Americans to shame. They work hard and sacrifice then they buy houses and start businesses. Despite all the adversities, they succeed. They possess very different values. How do we encourage the bulk of Americans to see their own behavior? How do we change the culture to make room for the new infrastructure? Occupy has given them the gift of a clear view of what is wrong. Will Occupy supply them with suggestions for the lowest hanging fruit for change? Do you have suggestions of where I can look to learn more about this area of the change to come?

Rohaan Solare
Mar 5, 2012 14:36

@Beth Thank you for appreciating ! You make good points and ask the right questions. Many of your questions may be answered by the fact that the current system is unraveling at the same time that many are questioning their leadership culture and others joining hands to perhaps create a new one. In other words a process has been let loose upon the planet and that no one is directing or in control off. The establishment will strive to hold on, but the momentum is on the side of the new. Those of us moved to make a difference can help nurture and accelerate the process by sharing crucial information with one’s networks, by the life style choices one makes, by material and/or hands on support of organizations working for change, and by boycotting offending entities.

The Occupy movement is young so we must be patient and we must lend what we can to the cause because we are creating a participatory democracy and the time to start is now if one can see the merit in what is going on. To answer your last question of “Do you have suggestions of where I can look to learn more about this area of the change to come?“. I’m going to ask you to specify what you mean by “more about this area of the change to come”. What area is that?

Jorge Rivera
Mar 9, 2012 6:15

Dear Sirs & Ms’s of OWS:
Thank you for your hard toil and efforts to bring democracy and freedom back to an ailing world. I wholeheartedly have and will continue to support all of your efforts to get some Justice back into our society! I realize this will be no task for the feint of heart, yet we must all be involved as concerned citizens if we ever wish to succeed. I am not a main organizer of OWS and admittedly only became aware of the movement after the fact when Chris Hayes, Ed Schulz and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC fame took it upon themselves to feature the occupation on their respective shows. As the months went on and the movement gained steam I noticed a hierarchy of spokespeople for the movement that again excluded the voices of the poor Blacks, Browns and Whites who are the main victims of todays injustices against us. And The MSM again recoiled into presenting well to do white youths from prominent University’s gaining recognition and receiving accolades for starting a movement which the MSM could “shrug aside” as soon as they incorporate said “representatives” back into the mainstream by buying them out with attention. This is not my Idea of change. I have always been a person of higher ideals! At 58 now since 16 years of age I never hesitated to let anyone or everyone know that i believe our Current National System is tyrannical against the poor and the labor force . To this day my career and income suffer for my determination against them. During the Bush Years I thought all was lost, I’m breathng a sigh of relief lately to see that younger people are taking this more seriously. And that people my age and older are finally starting to notice the injustice which our founding fathers were fighting against.. which has again shown its pointed little horns sticking out of Washington DC.
I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have propounded for your General Assembly . If I can be of service my hand is outreaching towards you to pull you up not to ask for a handout because I don’t believe in that. Unfortunately as i said I have been financially destroyed by this system so there’s not much i can contribute in that regard. But I do feel that OWS does have followers who are ‘well to do and its their responsibility to do more than just contribute financially to the cause. They must contribute intellectually and Idealistically and also in turn reach out to the rest of us who have been fighting so long against this wrecked regime (at the price of being made to appear as failures) and help us make our case also. Its fine to to give a ‘Mic Check’ to wealthy Celebrities from our disenfranchised communities but many times these celebrities have already been bought out by the system and lose touch with the hardships that their brothers and sisters who remain disenfranchised still deal with every single moment.
With that said i have spoken my mind and sincerely wish this world Peace, Reason and Progress in the days to come.

Rohaan Solare
Mar 12, 2012 7:38

Dear Jorge, Thank you so much for sharing your optimism! In a world that seems to be growing darker by the day we must remain confident that our planet was not designed to be ruled and destroyed by a deranged minority. They have had the upper hand for thousands of years, but their reign of terror is slowly but surely coming to an end. OWS is part of a larger movement to bring justice, healing and order to our weary and troubled planet. The momentum is on the side of justice. This is a time to reach out to others and share eye opening information. Thank you for tipping the scales in favor of a brighter future.

Jose Luis Gonzalez
Aug 17, 2012 11:58

Dear friend, I read your philosophy and I very much agree with you and with the philosophy of the world occupywallstreet movement, we have also approve a proposal that has the solution to our current target planned the world to be Excellence in Quality of Life all, I invite you to read my theory GLOBAL PRODUCTION CHAIN planned design is from a common goal ¨ Excellence in Quality of Life for all ¨ congratulations indeed because people like you need to get together but I think the first thing we need is NO stake in trying to solve only one of the hundreds of symptoms of the serious problems we have today, we must first locate and then design the ideal system to attack the root or bottom, if you can read my theory you can see that there is a strong correlation between all major problems and that tells us that we have a failed system and although structural reform laws or regulations will be covering only provisionally to the severity of problems that we uncover other and more serious,
Research and analysis of this theory point out that the current systems of government are lyrical and contain structural errors so the actual decisions made by rulers only try to combat the symptoms without removing the main source and contain only very little problems or increase increasingly by economic crises or crime and wealth inequality therefore reshape and modify the laws trying to solve and the result is still only temporary plugs also uncover other problems and bigger and endless.
We must understand that our current systems of government were overtaken by: 1. – Population Explosion. 2. – Technological Advancement. 3. – Commercial Explosion. 4. – Polarization of Wealth (1% x 99%)
The theory is supported by locating the origin of the great problems of the world with realism and objectivity.

Examples of why? The current government can not and will solve this problem in the power and the most honest person in the world is going to change, I put an example of a patient with multiple diseases and who serve each other and one healer and will only reduce some symptoms or pain and this happens because instead of healers professionals required to analyze and investigate microscope or laboratory tests and discover the true origin that causes these diseases by detecting the origin we have all the elements to create the vaccine or create the right medicine or treatment and medicine or treatment but can be bitter, painful and long time is safe to be cured, but it is also possible that the patient does not want the medicine or treatment for this patient therefore should not complain about their ailments.

The theory is based on transforming and produce food, goods and services globally Chain in quantity, quality and technology sufficient to supply the world with only the human, natural, physical and technological future without the economic resource without being Communist totalitarian system or so this theory is a new system of government very different from capitalism and communism and that is based on freedom, democracy. Respect but that is planned and built on the common goal we all want or Excellence of Quality of Life.
This theory will place you in a scene from an overall perspective that will give you the basics needed to decide the ideal future of the world.
I hope my explanation has convinced because my theory is based on a design and planned to build an excellent quality of life for all and in broad strokes that’s my theory, any questions or comments I’m at your command, I can exhibit my theory free, gets a hug from your friend

Email: produccionglobalencadena@yahoo.com.mx
Twitter : @producciongloba
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PRODUCCIONGLOBALENCADENA

Jose Luis Gonzalez
Aug 17, 2012 12:01

Doreen Agostino
Sep 23, 2012 15:47

The magnitude of power held by the cabal [power brokers] requires a critical mass of people align as one. 4 emerging solutions to urgent world problems for Occupy consideration outlined at: http://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/the-2012-connection-carols-barrios

Legal action to end crimes against humanity and genocide led by Rev. Kevin Annett and International Tribunal into Crimes by Church and State.

Recent Message and Appeal from ITCCS Elders and Kevin Annett to all People of Soul. http://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/spiritual-engagement-crucial-time-to-all-people-of-soul/

What if Occupy planet-wide aligning with the ITCCS [de-commission the Vatican, House of Windsor, Jesuits, church, state], KESHE Foundation [end war, end the energy crisis, end food, water shortages, decontaminate Earth], and or Peace in Space [prevent total Earth domination from space], ends police brutality, and more effectively closes the gap between have and have not, for the natural good of all. Warmest regards. Doreen Agostino

Rohaan Solare
Sep 23, 2012 18:18

@ Doreen, Yes the emergent culture community must pool their resources together in order to effectively deal with the Current World System. I am not sure how the links you posted will lead to collaborative effort, but the idea of mass collaboration is spreading nonetheless. At the moment the rallying cry for solidarity seems to be centered around the idea of a debt jubilee and the idea is gaining traction. You may learn more at the following links.

CALL FOR A GLOBAL JUBILEE: Why and How to Celebrate December 21st, 2012 .

Anthropologist Dr. David Graeber on the Necessity of a Debt Jubilee. .

The Tradition of Collective Debt Cancellation in the Ancient Middle East: A Tradition We Must Revive !

Doreen Agostino
Sep 24, 2012 8:42

Thank you Rohaan.

Debt is an illusion created through deception and usury, which render it illegal.

http://bigeye.com/griffin.htm [Creature from Jeckyll Island; Creation of the Federal Reserve]

http://www.csper.org/ Renaissance 2.0 – Council on renewal


http://youtu.be/cOZ2l6UNY34 The Money Masters – must see

http://youtu.be/bhMacPvc5qc [2nd look at Federal Reserve]

http://natural-person.ca/index.html a non-profit website educating Canadians and Americans about the differences between human beings, natural-persons, and artificial-persons. Learn how government created your new identify [natural-person | artificial-person] and how to reclaim unalienable rights as a human being, a living Soul created by the only true Power called many names including Creator, Source, God,Consciousness, Light, Other Name.

Hope this helps.

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