Emergent Culture

A Movement to Unite All Good Will Movements


[Update] This article was published over in July of 2009 and it speaks directly to the revolutionary spirit that began sweeping the world near the end of 2010.

The article outlines the overarching planetary condition and specifies a big picture schematic of how we might actually address national and global predicaments before it is too late for the sane and honorable people of the world.



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blessed-unrest-paul-hawkenPaul Hawken describes it as the worlds biggest movement and that is the world wide emergence of at least 130,000 organizations dedicated to political, social and environmental justice.

He calls it the “planets immune response” to the malignant ideologies which presently dominate the affairs of human society on planet earth.

The movements are testimony to Raymond Williams’ idea of emergent culture [1a] as an intrinsic regenerative dynamic of culture.

Indeed our future lies with the principles embodied by the emerging good will organizations.

They hold the vision of a just and equitable society striving to maintain an ecological balance between its own members and between those it shares the planet with–the plants and animals.

These organizations represent the hope of humanity and it is also where the rubber meets the road—principles in motion.

Collective action is the key which will unlock the creative life-affirming and progressive potential inherent in the human spirit.

The lock is a system of inherited political-commercial powers structures that are unwilling to change despite the undeniable evidence that the dominant economic-political model is a dead end street.[1b]

It is up to us to oblige The System to reform. The System is bound by design to perpetuate itself. Its democratic gestures big-fish-scaryare illusions. Its strategy is to pacify its subjects while it goes about business as usual.[20]

The collective action I speak of must be greater than the forces that keep emerging cultural movements at bay, locked down and largely ineffectual.

Deforestation, resources depletion, pollution, social decay, human rights abuse and militarism are still running rampant despite the fact that the social and environmental justice movements are now over 40 years old.

It could be a case of too little and too late.

Please bear in mind that the political power structures we are dealing with have honed their conquer and domination skills over the last 5000 years.

The ideas of egalitarianism and ecology as socio-cultural ordering principles are by comparison embryonic and therefore easily contained and suppressed by the 5000 year old prevailing culture[2] of brute force.

They have well fortified positions and all the power one can dream of. We, however, outnumber them by at least 100,000 to one and we are armed with the principles of justice and 21st century communication technologies.

big-fish-scary-no-moreThe Pen and now the keyboard are mightier than the sword. The various political uprisings around the world are testament to a new wave of effective political dissent and reform tactics.

We have the rightful cause, we have the willingness and we finally have the tools with which to course correct from the perilous path the world is currently being led down.

What we lack is the organizational superstructure to sufficiently amplify the will of the people through the multitude of existing organizations.

In other words, in order to achieve the kinds of reforms now demanded by the socio-ecological condition of the planet we need to pool our resources together.

The many good will movements of the world are by themselves insufficient to oblige governments to make the necessary reforms.

But a collective of movements would carry the necessary clout to get the attention of governments.  It is not difficult to imagine a collaborative effort between the many good will organizations of the world.

A Coalition of the Just

A preliminary outline of the big picture steps involved in the building and launching of a campaign for national and globally scaled collective action.

  • Grassroots Media Campaign to Build Support for a Coalition of the Just
  • Organization Leaders Convene and Agree to Collaborate
  • Draft Task List of Priorities
  • Map Out Strategies
  • Detail First Demand
  • Coordinate Effort
  • Specify Actions
  • Launch First Demonstration of Solidarity

There is a great deal of talk about the way social media is going to help change society for the better. Many believe that the time has come to stop the brutal and self serving policies of GovCorp.

The alarms have been sounding for some doing-democracytime and we finally have the means with which to organize on a scale never before seen .

The question is will we do more than just pay lip service to the ills of society or are we willing to momentarily suspend our day to day activities so we may lend our effort to a greater vision of what it means to be a society of human beings?

Several populations have already put their governments on notice. A few have literally run their political officials out of office

We have the means and a tried and tested method to create the kinds of changes that will serve humankind as we go forward into a future fraught with increasing challenges.

Technologically assisted humans employing the principles of non-violent action, civil disobedience and non-cooperation can and will enable the public body in creating a leadership that is truly for and by the people.

The problems faced by the world are related and they share a common source. Address the source of the problems and we begin to solve problems.

They are the problems that our scientists, concerned citizens, social workers and political commentators have been warning us about for years.

A list of the most serious collectively shared problems facing humanity. [4]



1. Environmental Degradation

  • Deforestation
  • Pollution
  • Habitat Destruction
  • Species Extinction
  • Global warming
  • Resource Depletion

2. Gender Imbalance

  • In the Work Place
  • In Social Leadership
  • In Governance
  • In Society

3. Socio-Cultural Decay & Dysfunction

  • Normalization of Violence
  • Destruction of the Nuclear Family
  • Teenage Pregnancies
  • Elevated Crimes rates
  • Rising Hate Crimes Levels
  • Rising Substance Abuse Levels
  • Rising Dropout Rates
  • Over-Consumption
  • Overpopulation

4. Human Rights Abuse

  • Violent Dissent Suppression Tactics
  • Torture
  • Domestic Surveillance
  • Censorship
  • Unlawful Detention

5. Skewed Economic System

  • Engineered Socio-Economic System in favor of the Establishment
  • Engineered Monetary System in favor of the Bankers
  • Engineered Tax code in Favor of GOV-CORP

6. Corporate Recklessness

  • Worker Exploitation,
  • Profit before Social Responsibility
  • Profit before Environmental Responsibility
  • Government Infiltration

7. Economic Militarism

  • Standing Armies
  • War as an Option
  • Military Industrial Complex
  • War as an Economic Strategy

8. Government Recklessness

  • Excessive Taxation
  • Corruption
  • Secrecy
  • Social Exploitation
  • Mismanagement of Resources
  • Misappropriation of Monetary Resources
  • Abuse of Power
  • War Mongering
  • Domestic Surveillance
  • Imperialist Tendencies
  • International Subterfuge

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Most of Our Socio-Environmental Woes Stem from the Same Source

saharasia by james demeoThe destroyed and traumatized cultures, the disintegrating societies, families and damaged individuals and the extreme poverty and environmental devastation that you see strewn around the world results largely from a brutish and pathologically corrupt male-centric imperialist process that has engineered through a privileged law-making racket a governmental-economic system designed to extract by force if necessary, the greatest amount of wealth from the many and direct it to the few—aka the Western democratic/capitalist system.

It is a model best exemplified by Western nations of which the United States is the current supreme example. Before the American Empire there was the Soviet, British, Spanish, French, German, Roman and Greek Empires, amongst others. See the pattern—the successive rise and fall of empires? All empires eventually collapse.

The American Empire will not be immune from that fact.  The European Age of Discovery (colonialism) was the age of hell fire and brimstone for the rest of the world. Culture after culture was demolished and enslaved in every way.

Go to a colonized or Westernized (neo-colonialized) third world country and you find the colonialists sipping lattes and the natives rummaging through the garbage heaps.

Who do you find in the ghettos of the US and other colonized lands, but the natives who were either imported as slaves or those native North, Middle and South-Americans who found themselves in the direct path of the European invasion. All casualties of a process called Western Civilization.

The upper most strata colonialists live off the backs of those forming the lowest levels of the socio-economic strata.  They are the sweat shops in all its forms employed by Euro-American corporations.  Please bear in mind that the natives throughout the world were dispossessed of their lands by the Europeans.

The land is the primary source of wealth. If you take someone’s land and then charge them rent to put up their shack or grow some food, well that’s called capitalism.

This is not to say that non-Europeans don’t also employ the same abusive tactics. We know China to be one of the most repressive regimes on the planet. However, China is for the most part self contained.

It is the European who colonized (culturally infected) the planet and therefore it is the European colonialists who bear the greatest responsibility for the sorry state of world affairs.

The Europeans have invaded every culture on the face of the planet and in doing so have tainted other cultures with Western ideo-pathologies which in turn become real physical, mental, environmental and social dysfunctions.

The Root Source of our Collectively Shared Socio-Environmental Problems

Government-Corporate Recklessness and Economic Militarism are manifestations of the same entity.

The US political leadership of the last 8 years–Bush-Cheney–were both top level politicians and they both came from the industries that benefited the most from the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nations rich in key natural resources, geo-politically strategic and militarily weak enough to consider invading. Western nations did not have access to Iraq’s oil until after the US invasion.[22]

Part of the Bush-Cheney war rally was to “spread democracy” by laying out the carpet bombs. 20th century styled Western Democracy is the latest incarnation of whitewashed Euro-American imperialism aka, neo-colonialism.

Does 700 plus military bases around the world constitute an empire? [21]

Empire means territory and economic-political influence gained through violence or some sort of force, coercion or bribery. The Obama campaign of “change” was a farce. Obama has done little to reverse the policies of the Bush administration.

He has thrown the people a few bones, but no where near enough to stop existing calamities, nor avert looming  socio-enviromental catastrophes.

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The Elephant in the Room is the Greatest Menace to Life, Peace and Universal Prosperity. [5]

Militarism comes into play when covert operations fail to topple anti-western governments.elephant-in-the-room

Overt measures are taken under the guise of a fabricated threat. As long as we have a Military Industrial complex and a deranged leadership there will be war. [18]

Over 50% of the US government’s budget is directed towards militarism.  By first addressing the singular problem of militarism many other problems are simultaneously resolved. [19]

The US Military is the biggest polluter on the Planet.[19]

Military action destroys the environment.

Military actions destroys lives. Military action inflicts physical traumas that last will last a life time and emotional traumas that are passed down generationally. Families made dysfunctional by the ravages of war go on to create more dysfunctional families and individuals.

Militarism creates infinite debt. Militarism bears little “fruit” relative to investment. The “fruit” it does bear goes to weapons makers and those invested in defense stocks.

The resultant spoils of wars, which in the case of the most recent American military expeditions (Iraq-Afghanistan) went to the oil industry and related support industries such as Halliburton and KBR.

The resources that Militarism obliterates would be more than enough to fund the solutions that each country needs to solve its own socio-ecological ills. [19]

The Offspring of the Root Source

Environmental degradation results from a merciless and short-sighted approach towards economic gain. Obscene profits forest-burning-to-make-room-for-pastureare maximized by doing things in the rudest and crudest ways possible. Protecting workers and minimizing pollution cuts into the profit margin.

Wise, responsible and compassionate government would insure that workers are protected, resources managed prudently, renewable resources developed and that the environment be protected.

Government fails to do so because most law makers are pro-business. Meaning that we don’t have a democracy, but rather a plutocracy.
Gender imbalance is a characteristic of war mongering male-dominated cultures of which Western modeled cultures are examples of. Communism is also a Western Idea.

The inclusion of predominantly feminine values via the presence of more real women(not masculinized drones) into the socio-governing process would go far to temper the savagery and excesses of the extreme alpha males currently in control of national and global affairs. [6]

A prerequisite to a fair and balanced society is to insure that the socio-governing process be administered by an equal number of men and women. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that male-dominated cultures are by definition dysfunctional societies. [7]
Human Rights Abuses: Western Civilization enriches itself by a myriad of human rights abuses i.e., sweatshops, child labor, the oppression of women, disregard for workers rights, slavery, colonialism, excessive taxation, militarism, engineered economic system and imperialism.

Women were granted the right to vote in the US less than a hundred years ago. Slavery was abolished less than 150 years ago. Western civilization is over 5000 years old. Do the math. [8]

The American constitution is a little more than 200 years old and it has been hijacked by elements who would prefer it did not exist. The other conditions listed still exist. Why have so many US corporations set up business outside of the United States?

Because other governments still allow exploitive and indifferent policies towards workers and the environment–policies which maximize profits.  Therefore, our government and corporations tacitly support and endorse the unjust policies of other governments.


Socio-Cultural Decay and Dysfunction is what is left in the wake of the Western Civilizational process.  Western prevailing culture then compounds the problems as GovCorp leaders bulldoze through at breakneck speeds to wring out as much profit and taxation without regard for the consequences of such avarice and ruthless machine efficiency.

Socio-cultural conditioning via advertising and senseless pop culture programming is now implicated in host of mental, physical and social problems.[9]


frankenbabySkewed Economic System: Income gap and wealth disparities continue to widen and it’s not due to merit, but rather to an engineered economic model which best serves its designers. [8]

Advantage and disadvantage are designed into the current economic model. The designers are industry and lawmakers.[10]

We have witnessed the failure of capitalism and we then witnessed how it was rescued from its own excesses by transferring the banking Industry’s toxic trillion dollar liabilities onto the public.

The “bailout” was coordinated between the interlinked relationships that exist between Capitol Hill and Wall Street. Relationships which include former industry officials who now work within key government posts such as Treasury secretary. There should be laws against this sort practice. Small oversight or purposeful situation? [1b]

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We know the conditions and events just described to be true. Therefore my statement that our most of our social and environmental problems by and large result, from a brutish and pathologically corrupt male-centric imperialist process which has engineered through a privileged law making racket a governmental-economic system designed to extract, by force if necessary, the greatest amount of wealth from the many and direct it to the few”, is true.



An effective solution comes into focus when the problem has been properly identified.

There is only one force large enough to change the course of history and that is a world-wide coalition of good will organizations.

We pool our resources together and focus our collective effort to exert the requisite non-violent effort to demand the necessary changes and to elect honorable and responsible people to begin reforming our decrepit governing institutions.

A world wide coalition of good will organizations, institutions, movements and individuals is the only movement large enough to confront the Prevailing World System of indifference, exploitation, oppression and destruction.

By addressing the root of our collectively shared problems we will simultaneously address the most pressing issues confronting humankind. We the people must demand an immediate cessation to all hostilities between nations. We must then demand that all nations begin talks on disarmament and armaments industry conversion.

Resources once used to fund militarism would then be channeled into a socio-environmental clean up and restoration plan. All nations must demand this from their respective governments.  Governments will not stop what they have been doing for hundreds of years of their own accord.  5000 years of civilization as we know it has proven that.



The Method and the Examples

ghandiWe cannot build the foundation of a new society on the foundations of the old.

Ghandi [11] and Martin Luther King Jr. [12] showed us through their example that non-violence, civil disobedience and non-cooperation are effective forms of dissent when employed to affect socio-political reform.

Ghandi purged India of the British invasion during the technologically primitive 1930s and ’40s. He did it non-violently and through civil disobedience and non-cooperation tactics.

Martin Luther King Jr. employed the same tactics to win equal rights for African-Americans a little over 40 years ago.

We now have computers, media-enabled cell phones and networking systems galore. There is enthusiasm building throughout the web community about the growing prospects for significant socio-political change.

When a forest fire becomes too large to be managed by the local fire department it then calls upon the neighboring departments to assist in the effort. The global firestorm we are now facing has been defined and it is too fierce to be addressed in a fragmented and uncoordinated way.

Any hope of salvaging our future from the insane vision of the Long War [13] and business as usual [1b] will require world wide collective action in the form of a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to some facet of political, social or environmental justice.

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Anticipating Internal Hurdles

I expect my proposal to encounter resistance and in particular by the leadership of some of our oldest and most well recognized progressive organizations.

The process will likely follow the 3 stage sequence mentioned by Thomas Kuhn, in his Structure of Scientific Revolutions.[14]

I believe that Kuhn’s formulation of the Structure of Scientific revolutions is in actuality a knee-jerk response to new ideas by those invested in pre-existing conditions.

Habit is a double-edged sword. Routine thinking and behavior become automated because biological efficiency demands it.

Economic dependence on the status quo exacerbates habit. As conditions change habit eventually becomes our liability. Adaptability is hampered by routinized behavior, thinking and over dependence.

All institutions will become fixed in their ways regardless of the cause they promote. Bureaucratic inertia or institutionalized habit (stagnation) will creep into even the most well meaning of organizations unless the organization in question is so advanced that it factors for some internal mechanism to offset stagnation. Whatever the case it is our job to recognize and revitalize that which has become stale and obsolete.

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The Infrastructure and impetus for what I have thus far described already exists!

The Stage is Set

The World Social Forum[15] could act as the meeting place; to begin collaboration; set forth an agenda and develop strategies.

The Organizational Model
The World Assembly [16] seems to provide the model through which to organize and coordinate the Coalition of the Just. It could also act as a direct representative of the people and be the organizational body to negotiate directly with the UN and with individual governments.

I believe that the World Assembly will likely function as the prototypical model for the future of humane governance and social leadership. What I have just described is not a proposal for a World Government.



Direct Democracy [17] initiatives are now enabled via the World Wide Web. Direct Democracy is currently the most viable model we have for the realization of a social leadership that is truly for and by the people. Representative democracy as we have it has not worked and will never work as a just and humane model of leadership because it is highly susceptible to corruption.

The World Social Forum and the World Assembly would function much like the Untied Nations does, but with one enormous difference. The United Nations represents GovCorp not the people.

The World Social Forum and the World Assembly would represent the people and the whole of nature. The World Social Forum and the World Assembly would come under the heading of a World Council of Planetary Citizens.

World-wide, there is plenty of pent up frustration at the social, environmental and economic atrocities committed daily by Govcorp.


We have been technologically enabled. The ability to mobilize and organize on a grand scale is now present. Communication technologies and networking systems have proven their effectiveness in opposition movements around the world.


Pick your cause. World wide there are tens of thousands of groups working for a variety of political, social, economic and environmental causes. But a fragmented approach will never work.

The opposition is entrenched, ultra sophisticated and too well positioned to be overcome by current methods.  What we need now is a concerted effort in the form of a coalition of good will movements, organizations, institutions and individualsThe Coalition of the Just


call-to-action1There is much talk about the need for great social change without serious consideration for the practical aspects of how adequate and appropriate reforms could come about on the scale and time line needed in order meet the urgency of the situation and the magnitude of the task at hand.

I believe I have outlined a big picture schematic of how a proportionate and appropriate response to the global crisis could be delivered.

If you believe my proposal has merit then please help distribute my message and discuss it with your networks, friends and family. Please share your thoughts with me in the comments area or contact me directly.

If you are not currently a member of some network, association or organization that is working to affect some sort of political, social or environmental cause then please consider lending your much needed effort to the cause you feel most passionate about.

Paul Hawken’s Speech on the Movement of the Blessed Unrest

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Aug 17, 2009 7:36

Thanks so much for featuring Paul Hawken's book, Blessed Unrest. and WiserEarth.

Paul also founded WiserEarth http://www.wiserearth.org a global online community an online global community of people and organizations working for a just and sustainable world.

You can set up a profile on WiserEarth, connect with others, and set up free online Group collaboration spaces.

You can also join WiserEarth on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/wiserearth and Twitter http://www.twitter.com/wiserearth.

With thanks for the work you do.

Sep 24, 2009 12:56

You nailed it! And you're right, we MUST identify the root issues before we can even think about solving the problems. I believe that overindulgence (believing that we aren't / don't have enough) and spiritual starvation are two of the biggest root causes of many of the social and economic problems we face. Thanks for shining such a bright light. Stay the course….

Oct 31, 2009 10:37

Brilliant text speaks more of action than pure prose.

Count me in!

People Power rules the hour!

Emergent Culture – The Decline and Regeneration of Western Civilization?
Nov 5, 2009 22:45

[…] That Western culture is in need of a whole systems overhaul is unarguable. The question is—what are our choices and how will this change come about?  I have addressed some possibilities in the article entitled Transitioning to a Planetary Culture: Trend Convergence and the Case for Socio-Cultural Transformation and I offer a solution in this one, A Call for a Coalition of the Just: A Movement to Unite all Movements. […]

Daniel LaLiberte
Nov 27, 2009 10:52

Good stuff, but the "Direct Democracy" link to realdemocracy.com is anti-environmental. The general distrust of anything the powerful corporate entities say goes too far in this case. Consider that we may be close enough to the brink of disaster that even corporate self-interest is looking for ways to preserve their game. Then again, new renewable energy companies are looking in the right direction, hoping to profit by the inevitable turn.

How are we to know what is right and true in all the confusion? Can we expect all of us to be equally informed on all these issues? Indeed, this is why direct democracy is perhaps impractical, and even prone to mobbish irrationality. I think we need to compromise on something closer to proportional representation with some form of preferential or approval voting. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proportional_represe

Rohaan Solare
Nov 30, 2009 14:40

@Daniel, I have updated the link on direct democracy to a represent more accurate accounting of direct democracy theory. In principle it's in the right direction toward a more egalitarian system of governance.

Regarding the issue about about being equally informed. That can be easily addressed by requiring the voter to read information and then pass a short quiz to deal with the knee jerk types. The ballot information is created by non-interested parties. Ballot drafters would be paid by public monies to research the issues based on evidence at hand.

Presently we have a system that allows anything to said about on issue on the air even if it's an outright lie. Paid political announcements must be outlawed. Currently the system is worked by those who have the money to plaster biased messages. Those who plaster the most messages regardless of "truthiness" win the campaign.

I reviewed the your link, but It still sounds far less than Ideal. Being able to make sure your vote actually counts seems to be the most accurate way of knowing just who is making government policy. The lobbyist or you. Our voting system is still archaic and they want to keep it that way because what we are talking about will ruin their game.

The Emotion Machine
Dec 3, 2009 23:44

Many of these are certainly important issues to address. However, with this in mind we should also recognize that human civilization is also more prosperous and peaceful than it has ever been in our entire history. This doesn't mean we don't have injustices and problems with our society, but we should recognize the accomplishments that have gotten us so far in the first place.

I am also under the assumption that this movement is fairly undirected in the means of achieving its goals. Sure, we can join organizations that support our cause but not all of these organizations are created equal. If we plan on lobbying to government to help achieve these goals then you can count me out. I don't support substituting one form of tyranny with another. What I would really like to see is a dismantle of government, decentralized power, and a movement back towards individual free choice and – yes – capitalism!

When you say "capitalism has failed" I am almost positive that what you are really referring to is corporatism. All I can recommend from this point forward is to check out Mises.org and look more closely into the arguments for free markets and laissez-faire capitalism.

The Emotion Machine
Dec 3, 2009 23:52

Let me also add that I think this movement has potential. It seems to already support non-violence, civil disobedience and non-cooperation. That is something I can get behind! As long as this movement keeps things voluntary and respects others free choice then I have no problem with its existence.

But direct democracy only leads to a tyranny of the majority. It just legalizes bullying and peer pressure on a massive scale. What we really need is a constitutional government that stays within its bounds. I believe government has only a select few functions – protecting others against coercion (stealing/killing/fraud), national defense, protecting voluntary contracts, and perhaps providing some infrastructure and a small safety net. Other than that these changes need to take place within society itself. Trying to achieve them through government coercion is a recipe for disaster. You need to conduct change through appealing to people's reason, not through government force.

So as you can see I am not a guy that believes the ends justify the means. The means ARE what determines the ends. Ruling others by force (which is what a direct democracy still does) is not ever something I can support.

Daniel LaLiberte
Dec 6, 2009 19:17

Thanks for updating the link regarding direct democracy. But while DirectDemocracy.org is definitely more pro-environment, the site contains nothing about democracy, direct or otherwise. The site is perhaps more of a demonstration of one way that direct democracy manifests, as in “This is what direct democracy looks like”.

I’d suggest referencing a couple other sites. For a group promoting direct democracy, try http://www.world-wide-democracy.net/

The wikipedia entry on Direct Democracy at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_democracy is very good for a more objective viewpoint and references to related material. Interestingly, I note under the section on the US, it says this:

“Direct democracy was very much opposed by the framers of the United States Constitution and some signers of the Declaration of Independence. They saw a danger in majorities forcing their will on minorities, notably manifested in what Madison referred to as the “leveling impulse” of democracy to restrict the wealth and power of economic and social elites in favor of the public at large.”

Well, perhaps we have exactly the opposite problem that Madison worried about and we desperately need a leveling impulse to rein in the extreme disparity of the million-to-one ratio between the most powerfully rich and the huge and growing mass of the poorest among us.

While I would agree that direct democracy is the direction we should be headed, I believe it will be a while before we can achieve its intended benefits even if we had it available to us at this time. Direct democracy would not necessarily be the correct leveling force and might instead more of a force of chaos. Without a society that is already equitable in many other ways, it leaves open the problem of how are all able to participate effectively and fairly. A quiz, as you suggest, could be prone to abuse as well.

One deeply inherent problem, I believe, is that we are a species raised from the origin of our culture in hierarchical social settings, meaning we have a strong inclination follow leaders. Just pretending that this inclination does not exist will not make it go away and it will assert itself one way or another. I am suggesting that we can use that inclination instead. Hierarchies can be more efficient as well, if they are implemented well.

The problem with non-proportional representation is that it can be easily dominated by a few powerful forces that are not a good representation of the people’s will. This is exactly by design, if we believe Madison got his way. I am not suggesting we should trust such a rule by the dominant few – it has obviously steered us perilously wrong. But the problem, I would argue, is not that we choose leaders but that we are not able to choose truly representative leaders. Proportional representation should have a much better chance of leveling the inequities by always encouraging a better, more true representation of the people. And since it is representative, it leverages our inclination to choose and follow leaders and allows the efficiency of hierarchy to help us rather than hurt us.

Proportional representation, once implemented, can eventually be scaled up to have many more representatives, as many as the system can effectively support. Using the internet, we should be able to build a legislative body of many thousands of people now. With one representative for every 1000 people, we would have a house of representatives with about 300,000 people. Ultimately, when scaled up to the entire population, we will have the equivalent of direct democracy, where everyone is represented by themselves, if they choose to participate.

I agree we must have much better ways of dealing with what is said in public, always encouraging attempts to get at the truth. But we must be careful to guard the freedom to say whatever we feel needs to be said regardless of what others might believe the truth is. Also, saying what you want to say is totally useless if very few can hear it. Several conflicting forces here need to be balanced out in favor of whatever promotes the greater good for society. The goal should always be encouraging more effective participation by more people.

Rohaan Solare
Dec 7, 2009 23:27

In response to Daniel and The Emotion Machine. I want to thank the two of you for your sincere and well thought out comments on some of the ideas presented in the article.

My proposal is intended to function:
1. As a big picture assessment of the human cultural condition,
2. As an argument for what we must do in practical terms in order to counter act the prevailing culture of destruction and exploitation.
3. As pointer to some leading edge ideas and already existing organizations that could serve as proto-types and think tanks towards the development of an exo-establishment that would amount to a “People’s Congress.”

The goal of my proposal is leadership organization founded on ecological and egalitarian principles. The Ancient Greeks city states seemed to have functioned well with their pure direct democratic system.

Direct democracy or some variation of it, is now only a viable option due to internet connectivity. The details of such a system would be worked by the experts. I am confident that our biggest obstacle is getting existing organizations to consider the more ambitious plan of large scale collective action.

To this effect I am very interested in collaborating with others on the creation of a forum/think tank to help bring credibility, acceptance and momentum to the idea of large scale collective action.

If anyone is interested in being part of such a collaboration please contact me via the contact form http://emergent-culture.com/contact/

Feb 4, 2010 22:46

I personally support A Movement to Unite All Good Will Movements. It is important that we all come together, integrate our various movements based upon common denominators and do what we can to UNITE TOGETHER AS ONE Family of Humanity.

I Love the Beauty of Diversity yet we need to UNIFY upon our Common Survival Interests and Long-Range Strategic Visions.

Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!

Che Peta-de-Aztlan

Email: peter.lopez51@yahoo.com

Website: http://help-matrix.ning.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Peta_de_Aztlan


Maurice Friedman
May 13, 2010 15:27

You are offering what I have been calling for. Lets Unite all Thinking People of good will Internationally. To save Humanity we must save the Environment. To overcome the shadow government of manipulative greed first we must UNITE. Lets do this in multi leveled yet overlapping actions. We must expect resistance. To disempower resistance we must share information and in our personal lives, public lives and online lives, CROSS POLLINATE information about Problems, peretrators, their strategies and successful solutions.


Rohaan Solare
May 13, 2010 22:37

Hello Maurice,

Thank you for your comment.
The time for justice has come. Unite we must for it is the only way out from the nightmare that the vast majority of the planet lives.

The process of rectifying the wrongs of the prevailing culture is in full swing. People are coming together
and there is nothing to stop this process. Those of us who have awakened from the cultural trance must recognize this self organizing process, help spur it on and raise aware of what is going on and where enabling information maybe be sought.

I am grateful for your contribution to this effort.

Rohaan Solare

Arun J Holla
Jun 2, 2010 19:00

Hello guys,

Nice to see people so actively looking for an alternate direction and considering new ideas.

I highly recommend that you guys check out the venus project. its the sort of quantum jump that is required for us to outgrow the mindset that has brought the world to where it is right now.

@The Emotion Machine, i think free market capitalism might not be the best solution right now. it was great 100 years ago, but the problem is that it is based on the assumption/requirement of ever accelerating growth but we only have a finite planet. Instead of an ever growing economy that leaves a large part of the population out, we need a balanced load economy which has the realistic possibility to create abundance for everyone for them to think and grow and contribute.

Eg. In manual transmission cars, u don't start with 4th gear, u start with 1st gear which gives u a higher torque (growth), and as speed picks up u shift higher for more power (efficiency and sustainability). If u get stuck at 1st gear, u'll probably get a lot less mileage and overheat ur engine.. its a loose analogy but i think it explains broadly what venus project is about. Its about evolving into a new paradigm. no more communism or capitalism but something brand new.

pls check out the venus project at http://www.thevenusproject.com/ or on youtube and lemme know wat u think.

Rohaan Solare
Jun 2, 2010 22:36

There are many worthwhile projects to support. The point of my article is that we must pull together first to create an exo-governmental body powerful enough to oblige gov'ts to change their horrendous policies thereby freeing up more resources to devote to projects found to have the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people. The World Assembly might be the place to discuss and determine which evidence based proposals have the greatest merit. Before we can do the great things on the scale that our planet and our humanity needs we need to develop the means of mass collaboration.

Jun 12, 2010 3:29

It is good to have a union of sorts of people who care about the world and want to make a difference. Unity is strength. Wonderful Endeavor! Good luck!

Jessica Barudin
Aug 28, 2010 7:40

I am from Alert Bay, British Columbia currently residing in Vancouver. My passion is First Nations Community Wellness and I am currently launching several projects to improve this crisis through collective action, community support,and social media and networking. I would love to learn more about how I can be a part of this movement. Please support me and look out for The Stanley Park Wellness Community as well as the Alert Bay Wellness foundation.

Follow me on twitter:
http://www.twitter.com/jessicabarudin http://www.twitter.com/SPWellness

Rohaan Solare
Aug 28, 2010 10:32

Hello Jessica,
The word is collective action and massive collaboration on a scale never before seen. It's an idea that we have to promote and gain support for. Those in position who lead large organizations must come to terms with reality that a fragmented approach will never begin to solve our collective problems in time to stave off greater calamities than the ones we are seeing now. You are already part of this growing movement and it seems you are fully engaged. You are I are networked and we are networking with others. At some point this movement must begin to gel for I can see no other path to a different world and I do believe that it is our destiny to transform our leadership agencies into something noble and beautiful. Thank you for your work!!!

Tom Graves / Tetradian » A week in Tweets: 19-25 September 2010
Oct 1, 2010 0:57

[…] RT @JenniferSertl “Emergent Culture – A Movement to Unite…” – http://emergent-culture.com/a-movement-to-unite-all-movements/ via @Apture <perhaps a certain amount of ’same old same-old’, but interesting as an […]

Nov 10, 2010 23:29

Your release from incarceration will be immediately actioned after C.R.A.N.Z Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand is initiated.

No Gregorian date on any document will stand up to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In 1919 the league of nations forerunner of the United nation’s was formed after the “Great war” the war to end war’s.

In 1930 after years of mustering western support it was agreed to adopt the indigenous peoples ancient calendar following natures time frame, of 28 days per month and 13 months with1 day out of time for nature to recalibrate.

So there it was: In 1933 January 1st we would start, Tricember being the thirteenth month. The bill got stopped by the church and Hollywood and co.

After the radio broadcast of the war of the worlds brainwashing experiment in 1938 and the start of another world war, the Rothchild/Rockerfeller foundation invented Television, 50 years of Tele-scope the vision of the Hollywood stars and in doing so made over 800 billionaires by 2008 this has kept the masses disconnected from natures law of time.

The moon governs the birds, bees oceans and the seas and yes Humans.Quarter moon builds to fullmoon then wanes to a 3quarter moon then wanes back to a no moon called a new moon cycle.
Writers like Raoal Dahl write under the light of the new moon!!! There is no moon in a new moon cycle. The cycle flows and repeats every 28 days following our human heart bio-Rhythms of the 13 month moon cycle.

Science has proven we human’s have a brain in our hearts that sends signals to the brain in our heads. Our heart mind bio-rhythms are as unique as our fingerprints yet collectively we are traveling on this planet at 66,666 miles per hour. In knowing these cycles of time and living in natures moon cycle, we collectively will engage our heart bio-rhythms in this bio-sphere no-osphere.
We as the masses refuse to work as cash cows under a calendar that has been deliberately designed to make money and disconnect our heart bio-rhythms. The labels for marking time mon,tue, jan, feb etc invoke old karmic, tapu connotations associated with Gregorian calendar programme of tele-scope vision of Hollywood and co stars, not our stars in heaven. Disaster means disassociated from stars in heaven.

C.R.A.N.Z Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand is supported by Kiwiallegiance. Please understand the importance of the tv of our minds we on mass create our reality, we write the book of love, peace and harmony. Aotearoa New Zealand our time is ahead of the world, land of the rising sun, Alpha Omega BE the media BE the blessing, I am another yourself, resonating love.

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Dec 21, 2010 7:10

Rohaan, your site here and your ideas of one massive collaboration rationally, and passionately outlines the Plan. It is indeed the way to go for People Power to prevail.
The world is already responding to this new energy, as you have outlined in your article. My point is only that we are assisted in ways we cannot yet see to do this work. We are not alone. We will succeed with this plan, we cannot fail.

Rohaan Solare
Dec 21, 2010 11:05

@ energygain I know what you mean by “assisted in ways we cannot yet see”. There over 6.5 billion people on the planet and the variables involved are mind boggling…thank the cosmos for the self organizing dynamics at work stitching all of this together.

article 19 : : Transition Report: We are going from a 3 Alarm Fire to a 4 Alarm Fire!__ Emergent Culture - wikileaks
Dec 30, 2010 13:38

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Jan 22, 2011 21:37

As an emotional being, I love the idea. But, I’m a rational being as well, and from that perspective I don’t see it happening. Unfortunately.

There are thousands of organizations and movements working on hundreds of issues. And while they have common enemy, they can’t get along that easy. There are to many differences and different points of view on the same situation, to make all of them cooperate. And even if that was possible, we shouldn’t rule out all those that are just staging on the just scene for the interest of the capitalism. E.G. I’d guess that at least half of environmental organizations are actually undercover fighting for the dark side.

But I’m a passionate being as well, and I won’t let all this put me off. ;)

Rohaan Solare
Jan 23, 2011 9:54

@ Dandellion I know what you mean, it seems like an impossibility, but we may be forced by circumstances to drop our differences and rally around what we have in common. Yes… many environmental orgs. are front groups for Govcorp agendas and many others have been co-opted by capitalist interests. But I think you are also admitting that the passionate being is more powerful that the rational one.

The rational only means one’s ability to “make sense of” or to “add up and sum” based only upon with what one is working with. The liability in giving too much weight to one’s rationalities is the assumption that one has all the information to make an accurate and final assessment. The agnostic disposition of Robert Anton Wilson says that one models reality the best one can with available information and ability, but one should remain open to new information b/c the development of knowledge assures us that new information will always be forth coming and it will always have a bearing on our model of reality. New information will either confirm, negate or modify aspects of our model. At the end of your comment you end by saying that you are open to the possibility and that makes all the difference in the world.

Tomi Astikainen
Jan 24, 2011 3:02

Once you start networking, here’s a good tool for that:


Jun 23, 2011 16:05

Bravo! That’s a great initiative and I like the content.

Rohaan Solare
Jun 23, 2011 16:23

@Claude Thank you very much !!!

Aug 30, 2011 16:16

hey everyone. first, thank you/us/i/we/the universe for spreading this meme. here is a website that gives the precise, detailed, financial-militar-industrial complex war between (ultimately) machines and the spirit of humanity:


like noam chomsky says, it begins with language. maybe that can be the first item on the agenda as far as making some real changes i’ve been trying=not really trying to reconceptualize my notions of language and change the ways i employ it.

my degree is in biology (heavy evolutionary and molecular components along with philsophical). when i entered school i was sure it would be mostly useless lol. i’m also in law school now, so i have some knowledge of the legal field.

consider this an offer of my humble skill set — from ‘me’ to ‘us’ — to whomever has a way to use it to further our collective eusocial goals.

oh and before i forget…replicate this meme: when the dollar collapses, don’t go nuts or rebel…just trade. why do we need currency in the first place? as long as we can grow food, filter water, and defend ourselves, we more as self-sufficient than any bank that’s for sure. better yet…coin your own temporary currency.

it’s all funny money anyway so you might as well use it to your advantage.

and finally remember…we’re all tit-for-tat-ers at heart. if you approach literally any stranger with a smile and a handshake…you’ll get one in return every single time.. same goes for a rough look or a reach for the weapon.

Logan (somewhere between enlightenment, insanity, and illiteracy)

Emergent Culture – A People’s Congress: From Occupy Movement to a Permanent Political Force
Nov 8, 2011 19:19

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